2015 Greetings

2015 Greetings

miriregev  Miri Regev, Minister of Culture and Sport.
The sounds of the Harp have accompanied the Israeli people for generations, from the days of King David, who removed the evil spirits from King Saul by playing the harp, up to modern times.
I wish all the contestants the best of luck
.May this thrilling event be most enjoyable for all the participants and may we all have days of magic, beauty and wonderful music! (read more)

lslankri Shimon Lankry, Mayor of Acre
The 19th International Harp contest in Israel is one of the many cultural events and Festivals, taking place in Acre each and every year. This is our pride and joy.
I wish the guests and the contestants a wonderful Musical experience.
With best wishes,(read more)

herliz Esther Herlitz, Honorary President
Welcome to the 19th International Harp Contest in Acre. We greet all contestants, members of the Jury and guests who have come to one of the oldest cities in the world, whose history goes back to the Bronze Age and who is mentioned in the Bible.
the members of the Jury and our guests and wish you all good luck, pleasant memories,
great careers and enjoyment learning about an ancient city in the Holy Land. (read more)

kavital Colette Avital, Chairperson
The 19th International Harp Contest in Israel is taking place, for the first time this year, in the spectacular Old city of Acre (AKKO). A city on the shores of the Mediterranean, rich in history and culture, it is a meeting place between east and west, old and new. It is a city where Jews, Moslems, Christians and Baha’i live together in harmony.
We are looking forward to a great musical experience and wish our contestants much success. (read more)

hrari David Harari, CEO Old Acre Development Company LTD
Warm greetings to the guests and contestants of the 19th International Harp Contest in the City of Culture, Acre.
Old Acre Development Company LTD is proud to host the 19th International Harp Contest for the first time.
Being one of the many Cultural events in the City of Acre, the International Harp Contest gives a special recognition of Acre being an important Cultural center which preserves many Cultures for thousands of years.
I wish you all great enjoyment and a wonderful contest  (read more)

Yossi Frost, Director
It is my honor to be the head of the 19th International Harp Contest in Israel, 2015.This long tradition is the essence of our History from the early days of King David and our present and future.
It is my pleasure to welcome the harp world in 2015, in Israel.
Your participation is what makes this contest, one of Israel’s most prestigious musical events.

 sutrik Florence Sitruk, Artistic Director
Welcome to the 19th International Harp Contest in Israel!
Dear contestants,
You have made it- the day you have been working so hard for has come: a musical journey full of difficulties, doubts and deadlines which you have overcome, including travels from the four corners of the world.
May we experience two weeks of greatest music-making! (read more)