2015 Required Repertoire

2015 Repertoire 

Florence SitrukArtistic Director, together with the Music Committee of the International Harp Contest in Israel have now released the required repertoire of the 19th Harp Contest, in 2015: 

1st stage:

  1. Choice of one:
    • Jean-François Dizi (1780-1847) Grande Sonate pour la harpe  (Ed. Marielle Nordmann, Durand) (With repeats)
    • Or
    • W. A. Mozart, (1756-1791) Sonata in F-Major for piano, KV332 (300k) (Arr. for harp by Maria Luisa Rayan, L&H editions or any other) (Without repeats)
  2.  Paul Hindemith (1895-1963), Sonata for Harp (1939) (Schott Edition)
  3.  Henriette Renié  (1875-1956), “Contemplation”  and “Danse des Lutins” (L&H Edition)
  4. A new Israeli commissioned piece by The Propes Foundation. To be published by 31 December 2014.

2nd stage:

  1.  Giovanni Battista Pescetti (1704-1766),  Sonata in c-minor (Original version for harpsichord is available here: Download Part 1  |  Download Part 2) (No repeats in the 2nd movement)
  2. Elias Parish Alvars  (1808-1849),  Sérénade for harp, op. 83 (Edition Billaudot)
  3. Darius Milhaud  (1892-1974),  Sonata for harp (Edition Max Eschig)
  4. Choice of one:
    • a)    Carlos Salzedo – Variations on a theme in the Ancient Style, op. 53 (any edition)
    • b)    Marcel Tournier – any complete Suite of “Images” (Ed. Lemoine)
    • c)     Elena Kats-Chernin – Chamber of Horrors (Australian Music Centre)
    • d)    Luciano Berio – Sequenza (Universal Edition)
    • e)    Heinz Holliger – Präludium, Arioso & Passacaglia (Schott)
    • Or:
    • A piece of your own choice, not to exceed 10′ (May be of any century, may be a transcription, may also include video, media, electronics)

3rd stage:

Chamber music – recital for harp and string quartet

  1. Marcel Tournier (1879-1951), Féerie, Prélude et Danse, for harp & string quartet
  2. Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741), Concerto in d-minor Arr. for harp & string quartet by A. Bax (Lyra Music Company)
  3. Choice of one:
    • André Caplet, Le Masque de la Mort Rouge, Conte Fantastique (1907/8) (Editions Durand)
    • Sergiu Natra ,  Sonata in one movement, for harp & string quartet (1999) (Harposphere, Paris)
    • Murray Shaffer, Theseus harp & string quartet (1983) (Arcana Editions, Canada)

Final stage:

  1.  Choice of one:
    • Ami Ma’ayani – Concerto Symphonique (1966, Ed. Boosey & Hawkes)*
    • Elias Parish Alvars – Concerto op. 98 in E-flat Major (Ed. Lyra or Lyon&Healy)
  2. Jorge Malats,  “Serenata espanola”, arr. by Marielle Nordmann (ED. Durand)

*to receive your print-on-demand copy, please contact directly at Boosey&Hawkes: Felix.Reichel@boosey.com

The Final Stage will be performed with The Haifa Symphonic Orchestra, conducted by Doron Solomon.

Subject to change

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