The International Harp Contest in Israel

The 22nd International Harp Contest in Israel will take place
on 13 August – 26 September 2024
in the Knights’ Halls & the New Culture Auditorium, Akko.

Registration is now open!
Last date to send applications: 1st May 2024

The First Stage will be held online. The Second Stage, The Third Stage and the Final stage will be performed live in front of an audience.
Contestants will record their performance of First Stage between 4-10 August 2024, depending on the final number of the accepted contestants.
First Stage will be broadcasted on the Internet between 13–17 August 2024.

A preliminary timetable:

18 September                Arrival to Israel
19 September                Opening Concert
20 September                Stage II
21 September                Stage II
24 September                Stage III
26 September                Final Stage & Winners’ announcement
27 September                Departure

We are looking forward to greeting you here in Israel!

The commissioned Israeli work for the 22nd Harp Contest:
“Northern Wind” by Uri Brener.
The name of the piece is inspired by a quote from the Babylonian Talmud (Tractate Berachot 3b): “A harp was hanging above David’s bed. As soon as midnight arrived, a North wind came and blew upon it and it played of itself. He arose immediately and studied the Torah till the break of dawn…”

The work is available for free downloading:
Northern Wind by Uri Brener  (PDF)

Claudia Lucia Lamanna, Italy First Prize Winner of the 21st International Harp Contest in Israel, will perform at the Opening Concert of the 22nd Harp Contest on 19 September 2024, in Israel.

The Harp Contest will take place in the New Culture Auditorium of Akko and in magnificent subterranean Crusaders Knights’ Halls and open areas, in the spectacular old historic town of Acre:

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