2nd Contest 1962 – Lynn Turner, U.S.A

Lynne Turner, was awarded the First Prize at the Second International Harp Contest in Israel, 1962 – the first American to receive the honour. She had just completed her studies at the Paris Conservatoire in one year. She was awarded the “Premier Prix” with highest honours, “Hors Concours.”

Ms. Turner says, “After France and Israel, I returned to the United States to pursue an orchestral career and at age 24 I was appointed to my position as harpist with the Chicago Symphony by Dr. Fritz Reiner, Music Director at the time. The Chicago Symphony, one of the great ensembles of the world, has provided me with unimaginable musical experiences and continues to do so to this day with our new Music Director, Riccardo Muti. The greatest literature, interpreters, and soloists have been my musical partners. In addition to my solo appearances with the orchestra, I have also served to critical acclaim as principal and I cherish the countless number of great performances in which I have had the privilege to participate.”


Lynne Turner was a member of the International Jury at the 50th Anniversary International Harp Contest in Israel in 2009.