Florence Sitruk, Artistic Director, together with the Music Committee of the International Harp Contest in Israel have now released the required repertoire of the 19th Harp Contest, in 2015: 

Required Repertoire

Subject to change

1st stage:

  1. Choice of one:
    • Jean-François Dizi (1780-1847) Grande Sonate pour la harpe  (Ed. Marielle Nordmann, Durand) (With repeats)
    • Or
    • W. A. Mozart, (1756-1791) Sonata in F-Major for piano, KV332 (300k) (Arr. for harp by Maria Luisa Rayan, L&H editions or any other) (Without repeats)
  2.  Paul Hindemith (1895-1963), Sonata for Harp (1939) (Schott Edition)
  3.  Henriette Renié  (1875-1956), “Contemplation”  and “Danse des Lutins” (L&H Edition)
  4. A new Israeli commissioned piece by The Propes Foundation. To be published by 31 December 2014.

2nd stage:

  1.  Giovanni Battista Pescetti (1704-1766),  Sonata in c-minor (Original version for harpsichord, will be put on the website) (No repeats in the 2nd movement)
  2. Elias Parish Alvars  (1808-1849),  Sérénade for harp, op. 81 (Edition Billaudot)
  3. Darius Milhaud  (1892-1974),  Sonata for harp (Edition Max Eschig)
  4. Choice of one:
    • a)    Carlos Salzedo – Variations on a theme in the Ancient Style, op. 53 (Ed. Leduc)
    • b)    Marcel Tournier – any complete Suite of “Images” (Ed. Lemoine)
    • c)     Elena Kats-Chernin – Chamber of Horrors (Australian Music Centre)
    • d)    Luciano Berio – Sequenza (Universal Edition)
    • e)    Heinz Holliger – Präludium, Arioso & Passacaglia (Schott)
    • Or:
    • A piece of your own choice, not to exceed 10′ (May be of any century, may be a transcription, may also include video, media, electronics)

3rd stage:

Chamber music – recital for harp and string quartet

  1. Marcel Tournier (1879-1951), Féerie, Prélude et Danse, for harp & string quartet (String quartet parts will be on the website for download)
  2. Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741), Concerto in D Arr. for harp & string quartet by A. Bax (Lyra Music Company)
  3. Choice of one:
    • André Caplet, Le Masque de la Mort Rouge, Conte Fantastique (1907/8) (Editions Durand)
    • Sergiu Natra ,  Sonata in one movement, for harp & string quartet (1999) (Harposphere, Paris)
    • Murray Shaffer, Theseus harp & string quartet (1983) (Arcana Editions, Canada)

Final stage:

  1.  Choice of one:
    • Ami Ma’ayani – Concerto Symphonique (1966, Ed. Boosey & Hawkes)
    • Elias Parish Alvars – Concerto op. 98 in E-flat Major (Ed. Lyra)
    • Jorge Malats,  “Serenata espanola”, arr. by Marielle Nordmann (ED. Durand)

The Final Stage will be performed with The Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Nir Kabaretti.


Subject to change