19st Contest 2015 – YuYing Chen, China


Chen Yuying began piano lessons at the age of three. When she was nine, she started learning harp and later was enrolled into Affiliated Primary School of Shanghai Conservatory of Music. In2005, she graduated from Shanghai Conservatory of Music, and obtained a master’s degree of classical performance in harp major in 2012. Under the guidance of tutor Zhang Duoli and Professor Zhang Xiaojie, she also learned from world renowned harpist such as Susan Mcdonald, Fotain-binoche and Maistre Xavier, and was highly praised by these masters in her music career.

As a harpist, Chen Yuying attended World Harp Congress Dublin, Ireland (2005) for young generation. She was the winner of the 3rd Lille International Harp Competition in 2006, at the same time awarded the best performer of the contemporary music. From 2006 to 2007, she was invited to Germany twice to participate in the Schleswig-Holstein Festival, and toured with conductor Eisenbach and Ivan Fischer in major cities of Germany as well as Lithuania and Brazil. Chen Yuying returned to World Harp Congress attending Winner’s Solo Concert Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2008). In 2009, she won the gold prize of the 1st International Golden Harp Competition in St. Petersburg, plus three special prizes for best performance of composition by Tchaikovsky, best performance of composition by A. Izmaylov and best performance of E. Parish Alvars’ La Norma Variation. In2010, she was invited to give a recital at St. Petersburg City Hall. In 2013, Chen Yuying got the fourth prize of 9th US International Harp Competition and became the only Asian harpist who reached the final eight. In2015, she won the first prize in the 19th Israel International Harp Competition. This is the first Chinese player and the second Asian musician to win this competition since it was founded in 1959.

Since Chen Yuying joined in Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra as Harp Principal in 2005, she has been awarded 2009 Best Literary and Art Worker by Propaganda Department of CPC, Shanghai Municipal Committee. She also won the honor title of Annual Best Young Artist and supported by Artist Talents Foundation. In 2011, she was awarded Shanghai March-Eighth Red-Banner Pacesetter. In June 2014, Chen Yuying was highly privileged to attend Glory Blossoms–Top 10 Young Harpist Concert organized by national TV station CCTV. Chen Yuying was invited by Tan Dun to play harp solo in his microfilm symphonic epic Nvshu, and also performed in the “One Thousand” Music Festival in Santiago, Chile, and the Chinese Arts Festival in Singapore in2015. In June 2015, Chen Yuying played world premiere of The Road to Jade for Harp and Orchestra by Chen Musheng. In September of the same year, the Road to Success-Chen Yuying harp Solo Concert was held. Chen Yuying has collaborated with many renowned orchestras at home and abroad, including China Philharmonic Orchestra, Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra, Hangzhou Philharmonic Orchestra, Macao Philharmonic Orchestra, Santiago Philharmonic Orchestra, Israel Philharmonic Orchestra and Metropolitan Festival Orchestra of Singapore.