2021 Winners

The winners

of The 21st International Harp Contest in Israel

Aharon & Mera Propes Prize:
US $1,000
For the best performance of the Israeli work
“Suite for Harp” by A. Dorman

Xinyue Zhang, China  (#29)

announced on Sep 5, 2021, 22:30 Israel time




       First Prize: TBD




Second Prize: TBD




Third Prize: TBD



Fourth Prize:

Donated by the Hong Kong Harp Centre

Fifth Prize: 

Sixth Prize:

Seventh Prize:

Eighth Prize:

Nineth Prize:


The Judith Liber Prize:
Anonym’s donation
For the best performance of C.P.E Bach– Trio in E-major for 2 flutes and harp



Mario Falcao Prize: US $ 1,000
For the best performance of “Puzzle” by Al Ravin