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The 21st International Harp Contest in Israel

4 – 14 October 2021

First stage

I.  D. Scarlatti- Sonata (with all repeats)

Choose one:

a)     K.27 in b-minor

b)    K.113 in A-major

c)     K.198 in e-minor

d)    K.209 in A-major

Any edition

II.  Choose one:

a)M. Glinka / M. Balakirev- “The Lark” (Edited by  Milda Agazarian)

 HarpMasters Edition


b)F. List / A. Alabiev- “Le Rossignol” (arr. H. Renié)

  Lyon & Healy/Salvi Publications

III. The new Israeli piece commissioned by the Contest- will be announced by the beginning of 2020


Second Stage

I.  G. Handel- Suite (no repeats)

Choose one:

a)     HWV-436 in d-minor

b)    HWV-437 in d-minor

c)     HWV-440 in B-major

Any edition

II.   Choose one:

a)     G. Fauré- “Impromptu”, Op.86

b)    M. Grandjany-“Rhapsodie”

c)     Roussel- “Impromptu”, Op.21

d)    Ch. Bochsa- “Zitti-Zitti” (arr. I. Moretti)

Any edition

III.  Al Ravin – “Puzzle”

  Vanderbilt Music Company

IV. Free choice piece for harp solo up to 12’


Semi-final Stage

I.  C.P.E Bach- Trio in E-major for two flutes and harp (arr. J. Rovinsky)

   Vanderbilt Music Company

II. Choose one:

a)  C. Debussy- Cello sonata (arr. J. Rovinsky)

HarpMasters Edition


b)  F. Poulenc- Flute sonata (arr. J. Rovinsky)

HarpMasters Edition


Final Stage

R. Glière- Concerto in E-flat major, Op. 74

Any edition